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Transitional (Monthly) Chart Reading with Courtney

Transitional (Monthly) Chart Reading with Courtney

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Are you at a crossroads or facing pivotal moments in your life? Whether it's embarking on a major project, finalizing a crucial deal, seeking love, or simply feeling adrift, a Transitional Chart reading is the key to unlocking clarity and direction. This tailored session zeroes in on the current movements in the cosmos and their profound influence on your personal astrological landscape. Courtney's expertise in interpreting these astrological transits and progressions will shed light on how these celestial changes interact with your natal chart, providing deep insights into your personal evolution, relationships, and professional endeavors. This blend of astrology and practical life coaching equips you to smoothly navigate through life's significant shifts. Embrace this opportunity to transform uncertainty into understanding, turning cosmic guidance into tangible action. This Transitional Chart reading is not just an astrology session; it's a vital compass for anyone seeking to align their life's path with the universe's rhythms, ensuring that every step taken is one closer to self-realization and success.


  • Session 1 Hour
  • Must arrive 10 mins before
  • 48 hour Notice of Cancellation Required
  • Non-Refundable
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