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Stevie Hayman

CO-Owner and Senior Energy Therapist

A Master of Energy and Spiritual Healing with Over 20 Years of Experience. Stevie is not just a therapist, he's a global phenomenon in energy therapy, renowned for his expertise in crystal therapy, light therapy, ionic displacement, and shamanic work. His profound knowledge comes from extensive global studies, enabling him to delve deep into the quantum level of emotional, energetic, and spiritual blockages.

But that's not all. Stevie's background in religious theology adds a unique dimension to his work. He's tirelessly explored a plethora of spiritual and religious ideologies, bringing a rich, localized understanding to his teachings. His insights come alive on 0FluffTv and the 'Spirituality without the Fluff' Podcast, as well as in engaging in-person Q&As.

Celebrated for his advanced Energy Techniques, Stevie is the go-to healer for A-list and B-list celebrities seeking personal spiritual and energetic growth. His collaborative work with therapists worldwide and appearances on multiple social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, Patreon, and Discord, showcase his versatility and wide-reaching impact.

Experience the magick of Stevie's healing touch and join a community that spans across celebrities and spiritual seekers alike. Dive into a journey of transformation with a globally acclaimed expert who makes spirituality exciting, accessible, and profound.

Courtney Hayman

Co - Owner and Indigenous Metis Citizen

Hi I’m Courtney, a visionary astrologer and life coach, deeply passionate about unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos to light the way for others. My decade-long journey into astrology is not merely a career; it's my calling. By weaving together the ancient wisdom of the stars with dynamic life coaching techniques, I inspire profound transformations in the lives of those I guide. 

My approach is deeply intuitive, allowing me to connect with the unique cosmic energies that influence each individual's destiny and desires. As a certified expert in both astrology and life coaching, I do more than predict futures; I help shape them. Through personalized strategies and captivating sessions, I empower you to navigate life's complexities with confidence and grace.  

My dedication goes beyond providing answers; it's about offering enlightenment and encouragement to those on the path of self-discovery and fulfillment. With me, your journey under the stars is not just about finding your way—it's about rediscovering your true self, overcoming obstacles, and pursuing your dreams with passion and purpose. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, under the guidance of the stars.

Simone Reid

Simone finds joy in leading and inspiring a healthy lifestyle, filling her days wth dance, delicious food and beautiful people.  Her career started as a personal trainer focusing on prevention, mental stability, functional movement and recovery. Crossing paths and sharing knowledge with many other healthcare professionals while recovering from her own injuries led her to study hatha yoga and Thai massage.  In the course of assisting clients on their journey to wellness, she has come to realization that to  Heal the body one must understand the individual's perception of self. Once the mind and the body are in sync transformation becomes pleasurable.Simone is here at shine wave spirituality continuing her journey as a holistic practitioner for those seeking variety in their everyday routine. I welcome you to soothe yourself fit

Althea Fraser

Althea Fraser is a Holistic Practitioner with a background in nutrition, reflexology,gua sha therapy, herb blending as well as aromatherapy. She is the founder and formulator of Shea Essence Wholesome Food for Skin . Althea is passionate about health and wellness and is an ambassador to providing holistic options, products and services to various communities. She enjoys any opportunity to learn as well as share knowledge and information as it pertains to health and overall wellbeing.

Igal Untershats

Igal, a graduate of Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy & McMaster University's Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program, bringing over seven years of experience to clinical settings. As a Registered Massage
Therapist, he channels his passion into the application of soft tissue therapy for recovery, health restoration, injury prevention, and overall well-being.
Employing a clinical mindset with a holistic touch, Igal adopts a focused,
goal-oriented approach to determine the most effective techniques for optimizing the healing process. His treatments are targeted, structured, and tailor-suited to individual conditions, needs, and physiology. He adeptly
addresses diverse musculoskeletal conditions, such as golfers & tennis elbow, postural deviations, scoliosis, nerve compressions/pain, arthritis, chronic and acute back/neck/shoulder/lower & upper limb pain, spinal stenosis, sciatica, headaches, and postural alignment.
In addition to addressing these conditions, Igal can help with relaxation and stress reduction, working to regulate the
nervous system for enhanced calm and well-being.
Guided by the philosophy of "matching the technique to the pathology or the condition," Igal utilizes a variety of
modalities. These include muscle energy techniques, positional release, fascial manipulations, joint & joint-capsule mobilizations, cupping (both static& Dynamic), pressure/trigger point therapy, scraping tools, and various
acupuncture techniques like peripheral nerve stimulation, dry needling, functional fascial therapeutics & The Balancing Method.
Igal is always on the lookout for new opportunities to learn and grow. With a passion for movement science, he aims to improve his orthopedic skills, deepen his understanding of neuro-functional anatomy, and explore exciting new modalities through continuous education This commitment enables him to relieve clients' pain and support their
return to the activities they love to do. A firm believer in the holistic mind & body connection, Igal inspires and empowers clients to restore the relationship between the self and the body. His individualistic approach considers the uniqueness of each client's body, bone structure, nervous system, and tissue sensitivities.
Fluent in English, Hebrew, and Russian, Igal is not just a therapist but also a teacher and student of yoga, an apprentice of Stevie Hayman, sound therapy facilitator, and a passionate advocate for Asana, breathwork,
meditation, sound healing and energy healing. Beyond his professional pursuits, Igal enjoys traveling, spending time in nature, and embarking on soul-searching adventures.

Elena Alexandrova

Elena’s true passion lies in helping others to self-realize their true potential and purpose. Elena is an experienced Astrologer, Numerologist, Runologist, Life Skills Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Aesthetic Coach, Artist, Mystic, Healer, Vaastu practitioner, researcher and seeker, Neurographica Instructor ,Author of a number of educational and developmental programs for individuals and groups. Elena has vast experience of personal and business consulting with unique authentic approach. In her practice, Elena uses various styles, including Astro-psychology, numerology, tarology runology ,coaching methods, shamanic, meditative practices, hypnosis, Past Life Regression, energy healing, TimeLine Healing, metaphysics, working with Ancestors, shamanic practices and lots of other techniques and methods

Jonathan Tipan

Jonny, a Certified Energy Therapist with a Passion for Transforming Lives. With years of intuitive experience and guidance under the mentorship of renowned healer Stevie Hayman, Jonny has mastered the art of energy therapy. His journey has been fueled by a deep yearning to help others in their spiritual transformations, offering support and guidance on their personal paths.

Jonny's approach is both compassionate and profound, blending his intuitive skills with the wisdom he's gained from his mentor. He's dedicated to aiding individuals in unlocking their spiritual potential and navigating their unique journeys with insight and care.

Now, Jonny is excited to bring his expertise to Shinewaves, offering a range of energy therapy services. Whether you're seeking guidance, healing, or a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey, Jonny is here to assist with empathy and skilled expertise. Embrace the opportunity to work with Jonny at Shinewaves and take a significant step towards your spiritual transformation.

Veronika Hovhannisyan

Nika, spiritual Intuitive and metaphysician, discovered at a very young age unusual abilities, some of them are claircognance, clairaudience. This resulted in life long research, studies and practice in metaphysics and other relates subjects. On this journey she became adopted by Native Lakota Medicine Man, and later became a Pipe Keeper and Honorary member of a community Council. Nika went through many ceremonies assisting Medicine Man in his spiritual practices and rituals. She acquired necessary skills and knowledge. She was granted blessings and permission to help others in their quest for enlightenment.